How to repair a magnetic lock

However, no device is immune to natural wear and tear, breakdowns due to mechanical damage or operation in corrosive conditions, so sometimes you need to repair the magnetic lock.

magnetic door lock repair

The magnetic lock is usually understood as an electromagnetic locking device, which is widely used in access control systems. However, there are also mortise magnetic latch locks and sanitary models used to lock interior doors in the closed position. Due to their quiet operation, they are called silent by an emergency locksmith in Richmond. Let’s consider the repair procedure for magnetic locks of both modifications.

Repair of magnetic locks for interior doors

The main reasons for magnetic lock failures are the initial low quality of the mechanism and unprofessional installation.

In the first case, the repair will postpone the final failure for a while, but more often it does not solve the problem, and full replacement of the lock is required. If the malfunctioning of the locking device is caused by a failed installation, the mechanism’s functions can be tried to be restored.

To fix the magnetic lock of an interior door, it is necessary:

  1. Unscrew the decorative overlays, handles (if necessary) and remove the locking mechanism.
  2. Open the lock case and check it for the integrity of parts, if possible replace the damaged elements.
  3. Inspect the mechanism for a slipped springs, if necessary, reinstall everything in its place.

Sometimes amateur locksmiths screw the elements of magnetic locks to the door with the self-tapping screws of a greater length than it is necessary. In this case, the fasteners can create obstacles to the normal operation of the locking mechanism. To fix this, it is enough to replace the long self-tapping screws with shorter ones.

To avoid problems with magnetic locks, you should choose high quality models from well known manufacturers for interior and sanitary doors, as well as have them installed by professional, experienced craftsmen.

Repair of electronically controlled magnetic locks

Although the electromagnetic lock is not capable of jamming all of a sudden, it can be failed due to electronic malfunctioning.

The advantage and disadvantage of this device is that in case of power cut the magnetic plates get unlocked and the door opens.

In the case of incorrect operation of the electromagnetic lock, its repair consists of finding the cause of failure. In this case, with the help of special analyzers, each electronic element of the device is tested. If it turns out that the technical condition of the lock is satisfactory, check the auxiliary nodes, directly connected with the locking element: intercom control unit, reader of electronic keys and so on.

The main causes of malfunctioning of electronic magnetic locks:

  • unprofessional installation – displacement of the plates of the lock relative to each other, incomplete closure due to the installation of one of the plates on a deformed surface and other violations of the mounting order;
  • mechanical damage – in this case, it may damage not only the lock itself but also its electrical wiring;
  • malfunction of the magnet – can be both a primary problem and a sign of malfunction of the controller;
  • failure of adapter – as a consequence the lock can no longer receive the power necessary for its work;
  • electric power failure is a serious problem that may cause secondary damage to the electromagnetic lock. After fixing the failure, connect the device to the network is allowed only after its complete diagnostics.

To eliminate these and other malfunctions of electromagnetic locking devices, it is recommended to involve competent craftsmen. As a rule, this is done by representatives of the same organization that performed the installation of the equipment.

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How can You Know that You Employ a Competent Locksmith

Perhaps you’ve heard about or even met people, who claim themselves to be professionals but in fact, they are not. They are just liars, who want to cheat you or they themselves don’t understand that their expert level is rather low. Very often such people work in the area of construction and repair.

Hiring a North Vancouver locksmith is vitally important because the job done by this man can save your life and possessions or make your house a victim of burglary. Besides, dealing with non-professional auto smith, you may have your vehicle damaged and no guarantees that this damage will be compensated. To hire a real professional you should check several facts about the smith.

Business in your locality

The best decision for any homeowner is to hire a locksmith, who lives and works in your area. You will economize your time and money as the worker won’t need to drive a long way to your home or car (whatever service you need) and he won’t charge money for a long trip. Besides, you will be able to easily find him in case there are any issues concerning the job he will have done. In addition, it will be much easier to confirm the provided recommendations.

Good reviews

This point is probably the most important. You should always ask people about the quality of the job the smith you want to employ provides. Besides, you may specify if the job was done within the agreed time. In case you cannot talk to them in person, you may read some user reviews on the Internet to have a better understanding of the skillfulness of the locksmith.

Appropriate education and work experience

Sometimes workers, who don’t have any special knowledge on locks and security systems, sell their services as highly qualified locksmiths. Such people cannot perform their job well as they haven’t been professionally trained. They may charge a lower price for their services but you never know what the quality of their job will be. To avoid unpleasant surprises, take your time and check the credentials of the man you are going to hire. It won’t be any problem for the pro but it may become a real issue for the one, who only calls himself a locksmith.

Professional estimation of the project

When you ask the locksmith to give you the estimation of the job needed to be done, he should clarify each point he is going to charge money for. You may estimate his knowledge of case by the way he explains the peculiarities of the process and his confidence about the things to be done. In addition, a real professional will provide you with written estimation and will stick to it.

In case the locksmith refuses to give you the written calculations of the project cost or demands paying in cash, don’t hire him.

Finding a professional is a difficult task but there’s nothing impossible!

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